Anesthesia Services

When a procedure code involves anesthesia (e.g. codes 00100 to 01999), M.D. Complete can allow additional entries for time units that are transferred to the CMS-1500 form.  Anesthesia services are entered based on minutes as units.

For each Anesthesia code, enter the appropriate number of 15 minute time units associated with the code.  See the section on CPT Codes to enter the default base units for each code.


When creating your claim, if a procedure code is used where the Base Units are specified (base units > 0), after the cursor moves away from the modifier field, you can specify the start and stop time for the Anesthesia Services.

The number of units shown on the claim will be calculated based on the start/stop time and the calculated time units.

The units will be calculated as the total number of minutes that are specified.  The extended charge (the amount that will be shown on the claim form) will be equal to:

CPT Charge * (Total minutes / 15 + Base Units)

The description of the procedure will automatically change to ‘7Begin hhmm End hhmm’.  You should not change this description, as it will printed in the shaded area of the CMS-1500 form.